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4:30pm - 8:30pm PST (7:30pm - 11:30pm EST)

The Holiday Cycle (3 Classes)


PATH differs from many other audition techniques. ​It focuses on the joy of creating enchantment and art - Not the obsession to "Get It Right!".

  • It allows the actor to own and work through their nerves and anxiety.
  • It makes auditioning FUN and empowering!It delivers transformative and real results from the very first class.
  • It proves that whatever you are feeling or thinking in the moment, is workable and exactly what you need.


Classes are capped at 18 students so everyone works every week.


In PATH class you will learn how to create magnetic, spontaneous performances/auditions that are based on bringing your own personality to bare on the role. Every week, Greg will coach you in a series of exercises which vastly improve the audition experience, making it a thrilling act of improvisation and revelation. Through PATH class you will create the Artist's Manual - your personal auditioning game plan. Greg will assign new audition material every week.

Tuesday PATH 4:30pm-8:30pm PST

  • Class Dates:

    NOV. 28th

    DEC. 5th

    DEC. 12th

    PATH Class Info 2023

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