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 Creating Ideal Demo Reel Scenes with Greg Sims

A 4 week pre-recorded course composed of daily actions that lead you to creating incredible, tailor made showcase scenes for your reel. With this pre-recorded class you can set your own pace to a more magnetic, career enhancing reel.   

Special Offer: $75

With this class you will learn how to create personally tailored, 1-2 minute demo reel scenes that can WOW any CD or agent/manager and you will…
• Learn to understand and own your “brand”
• Create a system to consistently gage and improve the level of your acting skill
• Develop new material that reflects your ever expanding range and talent
• Form a “mastermind group” of professionals you trust and respect who will help guide you in the best way to market yourself
Through a series of four, pre-recorded, 2-3 hr classes and daily and specific bold action assignments, Greg will coach you in the development of a weekly, repeatable system that will allow you to create and produce, at any budget, a series of ever-expanding, delightfully directed and tailor made demo scenes that can be used to :
• Procure representation that believes in you and gets you
• Get into specific offices for specific roles
• Keep yourself on the A-list of your current representation
• Create a springboard and template for the development of more expansive work –     films, videos, web series, etc…
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