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LIVE Online Class

ONLY 6 Spots Available

  • Strengthen your pitch package

  • Get new representation



Tailored Demo Scene Collaboration

Exclusively for PATH Students
Past or Present  

  • Update your reel with a new role

  • Showcase a new genre outside your normal casting  

Check out these stunning scenes created in this class! 

Saturdays, June 10th - July 22nd @ 11am - 1pm PST (2pm - 4pm EST)

Class Dates: 

June 10

June 24

July 1

July 22

No Class: June 17 (Greg writing) or July 8 (Summer Break)


In this class will get:
  • An original, custom, 1-3 page Demo Reel Scene by Greg tailored for you. Showcasing your most magnetic traits and your dazzling acting skills!!
  • In-class PATH coaching
  • In-class workshopping of your scene for several weeks
  • FULL production rights to your scene

PLUS  - An Unparalleled Online Environmen

  • Supportive and encouraging artists
  • A gentle and nurturing accountability partnership
  • Lasting artistic connections


Course Overview



  • Week One  The week before this class, Greg will have emailed you a series of brainstorming exercises to work on—gathering info from yourself and others about your most magnetic qualities and riffing in a very specific manner on what an ideal role/scene/audition might look like for you.  In this first class, we share the info with each other, hone it down with specific questions and group discussion. From this class Greg gains the material needed to create first drafts for everyone.  2 weeks later…


  • Week Two Everyone has received their first drafts and had a chance to play with them a bit.  We play more in class - I will help you find Action/As-If's that make the scene sing. Through group discussion we'll determine what seems to work and what doesn't, and you give me notes on what adjustments you would like.

  • Week Three  You have been given a second draft to work on prior to class, and now we workshop that in class.  Continue to hone, shape and play -  you give me notes on what adjustments you would like. 


  • Week Four   We work and play with the final draft of the scene and discuss how you will shoot it self-tape audition style, on your own, during the coming week!


  • Week Five  We have a viewing party and watch the self-tapes!!  Through group discussion we will hone in on how to use them moving forward!   


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