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REAL, DO-ABLE Actions.

Create an empowering plan to move towards your actor goals!  

Empowering and Precise Goals. 

Goal Setting for the Actor:


Career Relaunch


When it comes to moving toward your Acting Career goals do you often...
Procrastinate yourself into self-hating madness? Attempt to "Power Through" and "JUST F'in DO IT!!!"

leaving yourself exhausted and feeling broken? Or become riddled with self-doubt and crippling indecision?


Do you have an actual plan to, for example:

Create a dazzling Demo Reel?

Audition with Confidence and book more? 

Obtain a New Agent or Manager?

Improve Acting Skills?

Write that Screenplay?

Obtain Higher Paying Work? 

If not...this program is for you!  

The Career Relaunch Includes:

Private Goal Setting Sessions
In the two, private, 60 min. sessions, through daily and specific, bold action assignments, Greg will coach you in the development of a system that allows you to create a weekly, structured game plan based on REAL, DO-ABLE actions that move you towards Specific and Empowering Actor and Life Goals.


Goal Setting for the Actor Circle Membership
Once you complete the two 1-on-1 sessions, you will begin 4 weeks of the Goal Setting for the Actor Circle -- an ongoing group class. This unparalleled membership is supportive, packed with inspiration and invaluable tools to nurture your journey.


  • 4 - FOUR! - LIVE classes (Wednesday 8:30am-11:30amPT)

  • 4 EXCLUSIVE, Weekly Check-In Videos - Greg jumps into the nitty gritty of his personal process as it relates to yours, sharing real time discoveries, insights, and encouragement.

  • 3 Essential, Inspirational, and How To videos 

  1. Finding Real Power - Greg expounds on the concept of Power and his Practical Goal Setting Technique (PGST), the core of our Goal Setting process. This video has the revelatory information to launch or relaunch you anytime you need. 

  2. Personalized Goal Plan Notebook "Mechanics" - Greg guides you step-by-step on the most effective way to organize your notebook to maximize your clarity, momentum, and success with your plan. A great refresher on the core tools of Practical Goal Setting Technique. 

  3. TAG: Truth. Acceptance. Go! - Greg raps on the essential self reflective inventory process that helps you reveal the creative block/fear that’s stopping you from reaching your objectives and the "NET" that will set you free.

  • NEW!! 4 EXCLUSIVE, Weekly Check-In Videos - Greg jumps in to the nitty gritty of his personal process as it relates to yours, sharing real time discoveries, insights, and encouragements. 

  • NEW!! The Video Vault - Access to all released Check-In Videos past and present. Each one relatable and a timeless resource of guidance on your current goal journey.

  • NEW!!  Members only Goal Setting for the Actor Circle Community Page - This is a place for YOU and your fellow journey mates to discuss and reflect, vent and uplift, and create supportive, artistic connections and accountability partnerships. I’ll drop in tips, weekly contemplations or challenges, but this is really a place for you to continue the work and discussions with your fellow members.

  • Flexible Attendance - Tune in when you can! Classes are RECORDED and YOURS for 7 days of access after the live date. Whether you are there every Wednesday or prefer a weekly Self Paced experience, schedule the class on your time.

  • LIVE answers no matter what. Greg will always answer your current goal questions LIVE in class.*


BONUS!! ~Download~ Goal Setting for the Actor Companion - Your touchstone between classes, this little helper will keep you clear, accountable, and moving forward. 

BONUS!! ~Download~ Goal Setting for the Actor Notebook Example - A simple but effective visual to the Notebook Mechanics video, showing you exactly how to format your entries. And it’s in my lovely handwriting. You’re welcome. ;)

BONUS!! PATH class Discount! As a current Goal Setting for the Actor Circle member you will receive $20 OFF your PATH class enrollment. Every time. 


Want to read more about Greg's goal setting technique?

Check Out Greg's Private 1-on-1
Goal Setting Packages
$720 - $3500

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